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Hello guys! How have you been!?

Oh boy- my deviantart has been extremely neglected. I apologize everyone!

My last journal update was Jul 3, 2012, and thats pretty embarrassing!

If you wish to keep up with my cosplay, I encourage you to check out my Facebook page instead. I update there progress images as often as I can. :3


I hope to have some content to upload here soon! Take care everyone.

Where else you can find me:
:dalogo: Soul-Soar

:new: I now have a Tumblr page to share some tutorial work on! If you are interested you can find it here:
I feel like my poor deviantart has been a bit neglected as of late. I've been to submerged in pony commissions on my other page Soul-Soar. But it's time to give some love to this page!

I've been working quite hard on my newest costume the Diablo 3 barbarian, and been trying to get it just right! It's very hard to post here without a spam of Arthas pictures. I feel need to plan a photoshoot and actually go through with it. I've been really insecure as of late because of my weight, so I joined a gym! This is my second week going and it's fantastic to already feel better. I hope to be more confident with my cosplay and hope that it will open more doors once I drop the weight!

The next upcoming convention will be Animethon in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm really hoping to see some of you guys there! I got to meet some awesome people this year at the Calgary Comic Expo and was lucky enough to place best in my category.  Because of that award I won a pass to next years convention- so I will be attending that one again next April! I will be wearing my barbarian costume with some upgrades to Edmonton and hopefully a new costume to go along with it.

With the upcoming Mists of Pandaria content coming up for WoW, I'm hoping then I can pick a new armor set to create (let's hope it is not as disappointing as D3!)

Where else you can find me:
:dalogo: Soul-Soar
Stop by for cosplay progress and info!
I hope that everyone is having a great productive holiday season!

I have recently moved into an apartment and can't wait to get started on cosplay again. Luckily we have an extra room that will be perfect for a cosplay room.

For 2012 I want to aim to create a new armor set, but want to repair and upgrade my Hunter costume and Warlock costume. Both don't have decent photos for them so that shall be my goal. Also during the year I will be taking prop commissions if time permits, so if you are interested please contact me at:

Another 2012 plan will to have my cosplay site up and running. My bestie Sharky has been working on this and I can't wait to see the outcome.

You can check for updates and progress over at: and give a 'Like' to stay followed!

Happy Holidays guys! Hope its a good one.
Hi there! My name is Skylar Urbaniak and I'm a 19 year old from chilly Canada.

I'm a total fanatic over pop culture and the gaming industry, and to reflect that fandom I honor them by making costumes and recreating my favorite characters and outfits from various games/tv shows and movies. I'm definitely an amateur at this but I really love doing it. I love being able to do something for myself by myself and to share it with others! So, I'm just starting out, but I do want to share with you any tips and tricks I learn along the way, as well as sharing progress pictures and the complete photo shoots of the costumes.

To follow this progress please join my Facebook page!:
and my page is here:

So don't be a stranger and feel free to ask anything! You can contact me through my email: .

Otherwise just stay tuned into that page for more updates! Thanks for checking this out! :)